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Date d'inscription : 27/04/2009

MessageSujet: Ho Mister   Sam 27 Juin - 18:27

High mister Jack wanna ass nagga jacker, ah?
Aight Peedy Purl, Conny swurms, back that as bagdad's slashers
Still fillin' lanes evun worster when they curve of ass smackas
Fishing in lakes best than ever than Jimmy Carter slap pugs, sniatch!
Mikel Thyson is mine damn faker, Jackson's only a lesser predater
Back in 2000&10 I rep from Cherstey to Jacques Carter bridge
Uh, sweet cherry miss poppin, yuh I must take it up of my nuts
Doped hoes show & big bangers on the right side above
Anywhere over theu talk about stampers, punk, dump is done
Talk about a beaver, big jam slamers, funk hips? Junk is noth
I'm the mayor, the big-ass cash roller up in this town
Drunk, with sluts, own each slot, each virgin down
Our meat, t'sup, blow chill toasts, feel, my burger zones
Burners noses, lift of post, flowers peace-spot
Grind those leafs, supply beef weed smoker with a no stop
One wheeling diss is beated upper, her both fucking slump
Pump a blunt, explode the docks over, earn a bolts bumper
Learner, pong that sex rose, a fuck avoida, burst? a bowl stomp ass
Disaxing and diseases, dunka basket goal, coco getta, flurn? & an other tact. stac.
Smack, pack, grab, act at a banana eater gorila, cream-pies high stunkers guts-slap at vigins' girl-vaginas
Stinky like frenchweech + the axa horrible aza germans rappaz
An asian whore raper, what the fuck is wronger? May-be younger than teenagers
6 years old bitches some fire in her hairs, big-gang-bangs with my dogs straight-anal strikers?
Nah, 1 bitch for each nations , a russian gymnast, 1 tall and wild latina
+ a nice breasted blond bambanas n a black hotty bumpa, an innocent amerindian chief daughta & Annah Montana's body ridey-by
All those whores got my glock cocking deepa than an elephant, bang-bang, own sens, indiano hoes jumped-up on a doggy cream-pie
Bringin' an horny american godly pussy bitch I'll be your buckest beater ass-kicker you will never have seen once before teasing a thrill
Naw ev'rybody's feeling me over here? Damn, stupid ass-holes, hot-dogs shitters, pervert teachers & no remorse whores bitchin' at shits
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Ho Mister
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